ERAfrica: A new model for Europe-Africa research cooperation

A comprehensive article about ERAfrica was published on the 'Africa-EU Strategic Partnership' website: Cooperation with Africa in the field of science, technology and innovation has strengthened in recent years. Yet this research is still often funded out of development cooperation budgets, in which case the final word rests with external donors. Hence the growing interest in Africa for research activities that are financed in line with Africa’s own strategies and priorities.
The European Union’s ERAfrica (European Research Area Network for Africa - Developing African-European joint collaboration for Science and Technology) project is a response to this concern. It facilitates the networking of European and African research donors and encourages joint calls for proposals to promote long-term cooperation between EU Member States and /or associated countries and African countries. 

ERAfrica operates within the framework of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (8th partnership) with the European Commission acting as catalyst in providing funding of 2 million euros under the 7th Framework Programme for Research (2010-2013). It has thus extended to the African continent the family of geographical ERA-Nets (European Research Area Networks) that already operate between the EU and Russia (ERA.Net RUS), India (New INDIGO) and Korea (KorA-Net), among others.

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