Tasks and Work Packages
We have tied five work packages, each one consisting of several tasks :

WP 1:  Information Review and analysis of Science & Technology Cooperation Programmes in Europe and Africa.

  • Task 1.1: Mapping of national research programmes and initiatives between Europe and Africa relevant to ERAfrica.
  • Task 1.2: Identifying and assessing the activities, outputs and recommendations produced within ohter FP projects dealing with Science & Technology cooperation in Africa as well as other regional European and African initiatives related to research collaboration.
  • Task 1.3: Identifying existing needs, trends and opportunities for Science & Technology cooperation activities between Europe and Africa.
  • Task 1.4: Workshop including European and African programme mamagers/owners (including the partners of the ERA-NET and beyond) for information exchange and discussion on the outputs of the delivrables of tasks 1-3.

WP2: Communication and dissemination activities, including mobilisation of other funders, and exchange of information and consultation with stakeholders and experts, to support ERAfrica implementation.

  • Task 2.1.: Developing and disseminating information on ERAfrica.
  • Task 2.2.: Creating and Maintaining the ERAfrica website including consortium communication platform.
  • Task 2.3: Publishing and disseminating the ERAfrica's information products.
  • Task 2.4.: Mobilising African, European and international research programme owners and managers to participate in ERAfrica's joint activities.
  • Task 2.5.: Consulting African organisations responsible for continental and regional Science & Technology programmes.
  • Task 2.6.: Exchanging information with other Africa-EU Science & Technology cooperation projects and programmes.
  • Task 2.7.: Consulting a broad community of stakeholders on the preparation on ERAfrica's joint activities.
  • Task 2.8.: Establishing and supporting a Scientific Advisory Council to provide expert advice to guide the ERA-Net's implementation.

WP3: Defintion of a coordinated Strategy for Joint Activities.

  • Task 3.1.: Identifying nature and topics of the joint activities among the funding parties.
  • Task 3.2.: Evaluating and selecting joint activities
  • Task 3.3.: Scoping of joint activities.
  • Task 3.4.: Facilitating the implementation agreements for joint actitvities.

WP4: Implementation and Evauation of Joint Activities.

  • Task 4.1.: Developing principles and key documents for the joint activities.
  • Task 4.2.: Preparing the technical tools for joint calls and launching these calls.
  • Task 4.3.: Implementing the review process and facilitating the projects' selection.
  • Task 4.4.: Administrating and monitoring the implementation of projects.
  • Task 4.5.: Evaluating the joint activities and developing a sustainablity strategy.

WP5: Management.

  • Task 5.1.: Organisation of the kick off meeting.
  • Task 5.2.: Organisation of the Project Meetings.
  • Task 5.3.: Administrative and financial management.

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