Important Meetings in the near future (Oct'11)

A brief look at upcoming events concerning the ERAfrica project.
After a very encouraging Mombasa meeting where representatives of 17 African countries welcomed ERAfrica’s “new way of doing business” and expressed strong expectations regarding Europe-Africa collaborations in S&T, the Brussels Meeting (October 21, 2011) will aim at convincing European program owners to join the current ERAfrica network members to support codesigned, co-funded, co-owned research activities with impact on innovation and economic development in Africa.

The Lisbon Meeting (November 24-25, 2011) will be an internal network workshop that will analyse and discuss all data available on current collaborations (as outputs of the project work package 1) along with existing strategy and priority documents and interests expressed at the Mombasa and Brussels meetings to identify opportunities for possible joint activities. Above all, the Lisbon meeting will help the network to prepare for the next meeting in Egypt.

The most important of all these upcoming meetings will be the Alexandria Meeting (January 18-19, 2012) where all interested parties will discuss the outcomes of the previous studies and meetings and agree upon candidate activities and the way forward for decision making, forming Groups of Funding Parties (GFP) for each individual joint activity. Following the Alexandria meeting, each GFP will work in parallel through face-to-face and/or virtual meetings and electronically to develop its own Terms of Reference (ToR) and Implementation Agreement (IA). The new co-funded joint activities should be starting at the beginning of 2013.

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