• Africa-EU STI Portal

    The Africa-EU Science, Technology and Innovation Portal is a website implemented and run by the Horizon 2020 project RINEA (Research and Innovation Network for Europe and Africa). The web portal offers current news, events and funding opportunities, plus comprehensive background information on the history of Africa-EU research cooperation and the related policy documents. Subscribers to the newsletter benefit from quarterly updates via e-mail.
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    iMENTORS (2012-2014) is an FP7 project aiming at enhancing the effectiveness and coherence of EU research policies and international cooperation in the field of research infrastructures by building a virtual observatory and a decision-support system to position itself as the one-stop-shop data warehouse to publish and retrieve up-to-date information on all e-infrastructure development projects of the past 5 years in sub-Saharan Africa .
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  • eI4Africa

    eI4Africa (2012-2014) is an FP7 project aiming at boosting the research, technological development and innovation potential of African e-Infrastructures and to support policy dialogues and Euro-African cooperation in the framework of the Joint Africa-EU Strategic Partnership on ‘trade, regional integration and infrastructures’ (JAES Partnership #3) and the Joint Africa-EU Strategic Partnership on ‘science, information society and space’ (JAES Partnership #8).
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  • MED-Dialogue

    MED-Dialogue is a EU-funded project aiming at enhancing EU-MPC (European Union - Mediterranean Partner Countries) policy dialogue and collaborative research in the field of ICT. The project will run for 30 months (01/01/2014-30/06/2016) bringing together 4 European and 7 Mediterranean partners.
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  • CAAST Net Plus

    CAAST-Net Plus (CN+) is the four-year INCO-Net project set up in 2013 as part of the EU's Seventh Research Framework Programme, initiated as a follow-up project to CAAST-Net (2008–2012). The overall aim of CN+ is to enable and intensify cooperation between stakeholders from sub-Saharan Africa and Europe in the fields of science, technology and innovation (STI) by coordinating and promoting a corresponding network.
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    SET-DEV aims to support the research systems and to encourage the socialisation of scientific and technological research in India and Kenya. Within the term of socialisation, the project involves the social dynamics and processes that are part of scientific and technological research, including various operational and cognitive aspects, which in turn include a wide range of cultural and ethical issues.
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    The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) is a programme of the African Union (AU) adopted in Lusaka, Zambia in 2001. NEPAD is a radically new intervention, spearheaded by African leaders to pursue new priorities and approaches to the political and socio-economic transformation of Africa. NEPAD's objective is to enhance Africa's growth, development and participation in the global economy.
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    The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme
    CAADP is the Africa owned and Africa led initiative working to boost agricultural productivity in Africa.
    In essence, CAADP is about bringing together diverse key players - at the continental, regional and national levels - to improve co-ordination, to share knowledge, successes and failures, to encourage one another, and to promote joint and separate efforts to achieve the CAADP goals.
    CAADP aims to help African countries reach a higher path of economic growth through agriculture-led development.
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    For developing countries, agriculture is crucial for economic growth, through its role in food security, and in addressing global issues such as bio-energy, climate change, etc. Agricultural research responds to the needs to feed growing populations and to drive economic growth in a sustainable manner.
    ERA-ARD will address these issues through improving coordination and collaboration between national research programmes. The current, second phase of ERA-ARD is a € 1 million project funded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme and will run from 2010 to 2013.
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