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  • A new beginning for ERAfrica

    The ERAFRICA consortium members and funding parties, representing 26 institutions from 16 countries gathered in Pretoria, South Africa to celebrate the successful conclusion of the European Commission-funded initialisation phase of the Europe-Africa collaboration in STI. The conclusion of the first phase of ERAFRICA will serve as springboard towards an even bigger and brighter future.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/1514.php)
  • | deadline: 20 December 2013

    Call for the appointment of an external expert (team) for the evaluation of the ERAfrica Call

    The ERAfrica Consortium wishes to contract an external expert (team) in order to evaluate the implementation of the ERAfrica project in relation to the procedures concerning the call preparation, dissemination, proposal submission, proposal evaluation and proposal selection.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/1501.php)
  • Booklet: The Joint Call – A First Appraisal

    "New Knowledge Partnerships“ - the slogan of ERAfrica points out its central message: Africa and Europe acting as equal partners in a new approach towards joint funding in S&T. ERAfrica aims to serve as a model for future cooperative ventures between Africa and Europe and offers a new opportunity for joint research and innovation partnerships. This brand new booklet summarizes the joint call using mainly diagrams and graphical tools.

    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/1499.php)
  • ERAfrica Funding Party Meeting - Bad Honnef, Germany, 5 - 6 November 2013

    The funding parties of ERAfrica recently met on 5 - 6 November in Bad Honnef (Germany) to discuss the possible funding  based on the results and rankings produced by the reviewers and by the review committee members. No definite decisions have been made yet, the funding parties are in the negotiation phase to reach  final funding decisions.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/1498.php)
  • ERAfrica: A new model for Europe-Africa research cooperation

    A comprehensive article about ERAfrica was published on the 'Africa-EU Strategic Partnership' website: Cooperation with Africa in the field of science, technology and innovation has strengthened in recent years. Yet this research is still often funded out of development cooperation budgets, in which case the final word rests with external donors. Hence the growing interest in Africa for research activities that are financed in line with Africa’s own strategies and priorities.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/1496.php)
  • ERAFRICA: Expanding Horizons

    In pooling resources as necessary panacea against tough economic times, in demanding financial commitment from all participants while granting each an equal voice and in creating networks that can translate their interaction in this area to other projects and partnerships as well ERAFRICA shows itself perfectly conforming to the demands of a changing world. In this way it can serve as a model for future international engagement and suggest an effective approach for deriving maximum benefit from bi-regional cooperation under the Joint Africa-EU strategy.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/1497.php)
  • 3rd ERAfrica Briefing Session scheduled 04.05.2012, Brussels

    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/373.php)

    The ERAFRICA project most recently drew together its stakeholders at an event in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Here the project consortium and other potential funders set about clarifying and refining the administrative processes and related details to govern the call, the evaluation of received project proposals and the selection of viable submissions for funding.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/372.php)
  • From Pretoria to Helsinki via Alexandria: Following ERAfrica’s Journey to advance EU-Africa cooperation in Science and Technology (A. Hamid El-Zoheiry, Coordinator of International Cooperation, Ministry of Scientific Research, Egypt)

    With a growing scientific and technological research capacity and abundance of natural resources, Africa is demonstrating a strong potential to rise as a prominent player in the economic arena. After a long history of colonization and exploitation of the continent’s resources and wealth, the African populations are expressing a sturdy will to accelerate their political, economic and technological advance and integration in the modern international community.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/364.php)
  • Atelier à Stellenbosch

    Le prochain atelier du projet ERAfrica aura lieu à Stellenbosch (Afrique du Sud) du 28 au 30 mars 2012.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/355.php)

    The latest ERAfrica consortium meeting has recently been held in Alexandria, Egypt. The meeting attendees signalled their support for a number of research topics to be funded as part of an ERAFRICA joint call for proposals: Renewable Energy, Interfacing Challenges (i.e. research projects concentrating on a combination of two or more global challenges at the interface point between them), and Idea-Driven Research (that is, new ideas in any discipline, particularly marked by innovative thinking).
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/351.php)
  • ERAfrica Funding Parties Workshop in Alexandria, 18-19 January 2012

    The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt (MHESR) is organizing a workshop in Alexandria – Egypt on the 18th and 19th of January 2012, during which the potential funding parties from Europe and Africa will discuss the nature and topics of the possible joint activities as well as the available resources.

    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/345.php)
  • ERAfrica's added value

    There are many opportunities for public and private investors to support Science and Technology in Africa as a driver for sustainable development. The objective of this paper is to highlight the main specificities that make upcoming joint activities of European and African programme owners (creating a Group of Funding Parties, or GFP1), which will be launched by ERAfrica, an especially attractive initiative to support.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/348.php)
  • Innovation, Renewable Energy, New Ideas…and a highly significant investment from African countries

    In anticipation of the important discussions that are expected to take place in Alexandria, the Programme Owners of ERAfrica have articulated their preferences for preliminary direction of future calls in a series of working papers. These will serve as starting point for discussions in Alexandria.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/349.php)
  • Guiding Principles for the ERAfrica Joint Activities

    ERAfrica's first objective is to launch joint activities that will be co-funded by several programme owners from Africa and Europe.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/350.php)
  • Technical Committee Meeting in Lisbon, November 2011

    Lisbon was the setting for the second ERAFRICA project technical committee meeting in November 2011
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/344.php)
  • ERAfrica Briefing Session for African and European Programme Owners

    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/346.php)
  • Preface

    ERAfrica adds momentum to the Europe and Africa Science and Technology Cooperation Framework
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/324.php)
  • Important Meetings in the near future

    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/328.php)
  • Report on national S&T cooperation programmes

    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/327.php)
  • First ERAfrica Strategic Management Board and Project Technical Committee Meeting

    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/313.php)
  • Why ERAfrica matters for Africa

    These are exciting times for scientific and technological cooperation between Africa and Europe and ERAfrica provides an opportunity for true “shared ownership” of research and innovation cooperation programmes between Africa and Europe.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/282.php)
  • Combined ERAFRICA African Information and Briefing Session Report, June 23-24, 2011, Mombasa, Kenya

    An important activity in ERAfrica is the mobilisation of African experts, programme owners and programme managers and other international organis ations, civil society organisations and charity organisations supporting S&T in Africa to participate in ERAfrica project activities.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/325.php)
  • ERAfrica African Briefing Session held at 23 and 24 June 2011 in Mombasa, Kenia

    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/314.php)
  • Completed activities, deliverables and mapping

    ERAfrica's website has been online for a few months now and the content is growing as deliverables are being completed continuously. Also about to be completed are efforts intended to support the process of ultimately designing joint activities by mapping both national research programmes and initiatives between Europe and Africa and regional programmes, initiatives and strategies that are relevant to ERAfrica during the definition of the joint activities.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/279.php)
  • Briefing Sessions in Africa and Europe

    With ERAfrica research funding scheduled to begin in early 2013, there is still ample opportunity for interested parties to join the consortium or to participate as unaffiliated funders and contribute to the determination of the impact the project is to have on Africa, Europe and the nature of Intercontinental collaboration. Extensive recruitment to this end is already underway via a number of briefing sessions to be held in Europe and Africa, addressing international groupings, other funding programmes and potential stakeholders of every stripe.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/280.php)
  • Kick-off Meeting

    Taking the form of an intensive, two-day conference of representatives from all 12 consortium country partners, the official launch of ERAfrica took place at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria, South Africa, and served as a promising start for an initiative that has as primary aim the consolidation of European research and development-based engagements with the African continent.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/277.php)
  • Preface

    Yves Savidan, the coordinator of ERAfrica, gives a brief introduction into the network.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/274.php)
  • What is ERAfrica?

    ERAfrica is a new European Union (EU) project aimed at promoting a unified European approach to collaborating with Africa in the field of science and technology research for innovation and sustainable development. This article describes the general outline of the network, it’s aims and future events.
    [mehr] (URL: http://www.erafrica.eu/fr/275.php)

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